What is primary cost and secondary cost?

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If the scenario is''Party is supplying some material we have to do the some processing operation on it, how it cab be handled in SAP"

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What is requirement class and requirement type?

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how to create report in sap pp

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I want to make a career in SAP-PP/QM from the existing manufacturing experence.

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what is recurssive BOM ?

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what's the difference between MRP vs MPS

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Splitting of production order & product version

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Can i create Production order without bom and routing ? lakshman

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suppose we have sales order-40, PIR-25,warehouse stock-40, so when we run mrp,what quantity the system displays with MTO & MTS. How?

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SPRO path for order, confirmation or requirement class.

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What are the parameters are there in Order type or in dependent para. config?

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What is MRP procedure

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