What is primary cost and secondary cost?

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What is Planning time Fence?

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Explain the process of Material costing.

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1.what are all the types in backflashing? and T-cde for it 2.what are the different places we can give back flush indicator? 3.what is product cost collector & its t-code? 4.what are all the costs involved in product cost collector 5.how many types of SOP?what is t-code for SOP 6.scheduling parameters for a production orders 7.how do you carry out capacity leveling 8.can you dispatch capacity for a single work center

3 Answers   SAP Labs,

What is alternative bom

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how to define formulas in work center

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I have having 14 years manufacturing experence & 6 years in SAP-PP/QM.Was a core member during implementation.Now I want to work as Functional Consultant in SAP-PP/QM.What should I do for getting the jobs.

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What is user exist, customer exist, where can be used

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One component we can assign to workcenter at routing

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Hi Sir, Please guide me i am an BSc computer science graduate with MBA in Agri business having 3 years of exp in Food Processing Industry in Production please advice shall i persue with SAP PP? Many thanks

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How do I find which is the recurrent item in a production order? In the missing material analisys I got message MF 331, but the BOM or the production order don'thave any recurrent item Thanks

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How to create plant?

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If the scenario is''Party is supplying some material we have to do the some processing operation on it, how it cab be handled in SAP"

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