How we know, whether we have to use DSO or Infocube for
particular data source?

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How we know, whether we have to use DSO or Infocube for particular data source?..

Answer / jaya

The decision depends on data that you want to store and reporting you want to do .
If data is delta and it is of ABR or AIM type then a DSO will be an info provider needed to use to allow overwrite .
If the delta may have duplicate records then also DSO id required .
If you want to use the data in lookup of other infoprovider then also you need DSO.
DSO offers flexibility in storage as you can use a WDSO and Direct update DSO for different type of requirements .

Cube is good for reporting .
If we have huge amount of data and need multidimensional reporting then for best reporting performance cube is only solution .
Cube allows aggregates and compression which DSO not have .
Cube is good for line item level of data as it provides line item and high cardinality dimensions.

So use a cube when data amount is large and good reporting performance is required .
Use DSO when more granular data is required or you have delta requirements .Also use DSO when want to use info in other info providers too.

Best way is use 3 layer architecture .

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How we know, whether we have to use DSO or Infocube for particular data source?..

Answer / kartheek

We can check whether the datasource supports delta by using the table ROOSOURCE.enter the datasource name.if the field delta is blank that datasource doesnot support delta.If the data source supports ABR then you can load data directly to cube but it is not recommended.

if the data source supports AIE (After image extraction) then we should load the data to the cube by using dso only.

Mainly FI data sources deltas are AIE.So we should load data to the cube by using DSo

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