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Can we use the Poly Phenly Sulphide instead of Poly Phenly

Do clarify your opinion.

Can we use the Poly Phenly Sulphide instead of Poly Phenly Ether? Do clarify your opinion...

Answer / newton

The present invention relates to an improved polyarylene
sulfide resin composition and a process for producing the
same. More particularly, the present invention is concerned
with a polyarylene sulfide resin composition having
excellent impact resistance and heat resistance, comprising
a resin component composed of a polyarylene sulfide resin
and a polyester resin and, blended and melt-kneaded
therewith, a specified epoxy-containing compound and, if
necessary, a radical initiator, and a process for producing
the same.

In recent years, a thermoplastic resin having high heat
resistance, high chemical resistance and, further, flame
retardancy has been required as the material of
construction for electrical and electronic equipment,
automobiles and chemical equipment.

A polyarylene sulfide resin represented by polyphenylene
sulfide is one of the resins capable of meeting the above-
described requirement and has been in increased demand also
by virtue of having excellent properties relative to the
cost of the resin. Polyphenylene sulfide resin, however,
has a severe drawback in that it is inferior in toughness
and more fragile than engineering plastics such as
polyacetal, nylon, polycarbonate and polybutylene

The incorporation of a fibrous reinforcement, such as a
glass fiber or a carbon fiber, or other filler is known as
a means for solving the above-mentioned problem. The
addition of a fibrous reinforcement contributes to a
remarkable improvement in the performance, such as
strength, rigidity, toughness and heat resistance of the
resin. Even when the above-described reinforcement is
incorporated, however, the toughness of polyphenylene
sulfide is inferior to that of other engineering plastics,
which often limits the use of polyphenylene sulfide in many
applications despite the excellent chemical resistance,
heat resistance and flame retardancy of the resin.

On the other hand, polymer blending of the polyarylene
resin with a flexible polymer is a promising method for
improving the impact resistance. This method, however, has
drawbacks such as the surface of the molded article being
liable to peel away as there exists only a few flexible
polymers which have excellent heat and chemical
resistances. Moreover, the flexible polymers have poor
compatibility with polyarylene sulfide resin. Accordingly
this blending method cannot provide a polyarylene sulfide
resin composition having improved mechanical and physical
properties, such as toughness and impact resistance,
without detriment to the features inherent in the
polyarylene sulfide resin.

The present inventors have made intensive studies on a
polyarylene sulfide resin composition having high toughness
and impact resistance and a process for producing the same
and, as a result, have found that the addition of a silane
compound having an alkoxysilane group to a resin component
comprising a polyarylene sulfide resin and a polyester
resin contributes to an improvement in the impact
resistance, and have filed a patent application concerning
this finding as Japanese Patent Application No.
197003/1990. According to the above-described composition
and process for producing the same, although good toughness
and impact resistance can be obtained, there is a tendency
that the melt viscosity becomes so high as to inhibit the
production of a thin-walled molded article by injection
molding or the like. The solution to this problem has been
desired in the art

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