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why transformer are rated in kva.

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why transformer are rated in kva...

Answer / gaurav tripathi

in the transformer there are two losses,core loss and 'cu'
loss ,core loss depends on voltage and 'cu' loss depends on
current hence rating of transformer is on KVA not on KW

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why transformer are rated in kva...

Answer / abhishek nigam,akshay kumar si

actually rating of the machine (kva or kw) depends upon the
power factor since the load power factor to which
transformer is supplying power is not known , it may be
capacitive ,inductive , or resistive that is why its rating
is in kva and not in kw

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why transformer are rated in kva...

Answer / manoj

Actually the
rating of a
transformer is
limited by
temperature .here
temperature of a
increases by
losses that is
core and copper
losses these
losses depends
on the voltare
and current but
indepedent of
power factor .so
it is rated in

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why transformer are rated in kva...

Answer / prasanth p.s

copper loss depend on current and core loss depend on voltage
there for total loss depend on voltage and current not on powerfactor .in other equpment like motor total loss depend on
powerfactor ie kw=(v*i*pf)/1000 .there for motor rated in kW.but tranformer rated in kVA because kVA=(v*i)/1000

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why transformer are rated in kva...

Answer / maheshbabu-calicut

the capacity of a transformer depends on the amount of
secondary current,it can deliver safely.(more kw at good pf
and lower at poor pf)

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