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Dalkia Interview Questions
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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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How to calculate the rating of airconditioner required in any area,how to calculate the cfm required for any exhaust unit or air washer unit.

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What is the d/f between DOL & star delta starter & automatic star delta starter?

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how to calculate the multiplication factor in HT incomer trivector meters

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how will you determine the short circuit capacity of a network

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whu does the power factor of diesel generator always be 0.8. please explain

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how to determine capacitor bank capacity of one plant..

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how ct burden,magnetising current,ratio and knee point voltage are related & derived


Explain the function of VFD

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witch pump used in wtp


which pump used in STP


why we are using in reverse power relay in generator singranizing

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why should we have to maintain pf in our site 0.9????????

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why transformer are rated in kva.

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What is the difference between multi grade filter and dual media filter?

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