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Lafarge Interview Questions
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How much of the strength of concrete comes from post- production curing?


How can u prepare mix design for concrete?

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which part of transformer heats up the most and why? windings, core or oil .

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As a water tank loses heat, the temperature drops by 2 K/min when a heater is on, the system gains temperature at 4 K/min. A two-position controller has a 0.5 min control lag and a neutral zone of ± 4% of the setpoint about a setpoint of 323 K. Plot the heater temperature versus time. Find the oscillation period


how to conversation of all construction material in to brass

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If 110V DC Coil Contactor taken 15ma DC on load,than how much AC current wil be taken?


what is the hanekom repairing material after concreting work


What are the different type of instrument used in cement industry with uses

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In apron feeder how TPH is calculated?


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Lafarge Interview Questions
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