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I have 800 Amps MG Fix type breaker It is in on line & it
has been given only UV (under voltage)coil connection for
tripping it is not working properly means its
getting tripp so how can i replace it or how can i rectify
the problem without destrubing my load??????????

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I have 800 Amps MG Fix type breaker It is in on line & it has been given only UV (under voltag..

Answer / sandeep khaire

Short the UV relay contacts used in wiring. Then replace
the UV relay & its contacts.

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I have 800 Amps MG Fix type breaker It is in on line & it has been given only UV (under voltag..

Answer / karthik

Check with the wiring diagram of the panel and connect the
two wires going to the relay trip coil to a constant
supply.then remove the relay.

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