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thermal power station operation in general

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / tameshwar singh

Thermal power plant is basically based on "Modified Renkin
Cycle". In Thermal p/p we convert heat energy into mech
work & then convert it into electricl energy.

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / rakesh

it is based on coal.
it is operation work in recycle.

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / gopinath.v

The water is obtained in the boiler and the coal is burnt
so that steam is obtained this steam is allowed to hit the
turbine , the turrbine which is coupled with the generator
generates electricity ...

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / kishor mahale

station which generates electric power from thermal energy
is called thermal power station. produce thermal power coal
and other fuel are used.

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / gaurav srivastava

the thermal power station is based on modified rankine
cycle, where the coal burnt in the boiler to produce the
vapour by water..In boiler water heated to supersaturated
pointed where it in imposed on turbine by a nozzle .. the
nozzle is used to produce high velocity of steam to run the
impulse turbine .. with turbine a generator is combine
which is generate the electricity ..which is transport
through by wire....bur before transformation of electricity
a step up transformer is used to step high potential of
electricity ......

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / arun

in thermal power station the main aim is we need to heat
the water which contains in boiler to get high velocity
steam.for that in boiler below to that coal will be burning
always... by eating of coal, water will get heated and
converted into steam...with high such a steam
will be appiled to turbine gets rotated..the
generator that is prime mover of turbine,also gets we get electrical power from thermal power
for achieving above we need lot of physical arrangemnts
such that...economiser,steam tubes,boiler,coal,water.....

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / ravi

In thermal power stations coal is burned in a vessel called
Boiler and the Boiler is made up of number of tubes through
which water circulates continously. And this water converts
in to steam, this steam is allowed to passed through the
blades of turbine. this turbine roatates Generator by
fixing generator and turbine on a common shaft the
generator rotates and E>M>F will be induced and as
faraday's law current will be generated.

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / kranthi

It basicallly operates on rankine cycle.In this system we
convert heat energy to mechanical energy and mechanical
energy to electrical energy. It is regenerative process.

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / k s chary

tell me about water treatment

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thermal power station operation in general..

Answer / selva

actually thermal power plant working media is coal. the
steam converted in mechanical work. thereafter using the
turbine mechanical work is converted into electrical work.
this is a cyclic process

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