User-specific parameters means? How to create that one?

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User-specific parameters means? How to create that one?..

Answer / guest

These parameters are specific to the logon user id.
you can access this by going to pull down main menu--System-
-> User Profile--> Own data--> in that the 3rd Tab page

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User-specific parameters means? How to create that one?..

Answer / mohd khaja shamsuddin

User specific parameters are set/get parameters
User only has authorization for specific company code . The company code is stored in memory at the beginning of a transaction under the corresponding parameter ID. Fields that refer to the data element are automatically filled with the value (The value is only valid for the current user) in all subsequent screen templates
to create go to SU3 fill address, defaults , parameters

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User-specific parameters means? How to create that one?..

Answer / man

These are module specific parameters which serve different

Ex-EFB parameter for MM Purchase order-Prices display

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