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Uses of induction motor


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I want Primary side delta and Sec side Star connection transformer . but i have received Star - Star transformer ,shall i use the same transformer by giving the only 3 ph on Primary side without Neutral connection on the Starpoint.

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Why current flows in nutral? As per theory there should be no current in 3 ph explain.


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What is the difference between phase current & line current, how both can be measured in star and delta system

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Difference between ups

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What is the formula for finding fault level of generator?

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I am mechanical engineer,I need Training in Electrical & Electronics ( i.e. three days workshop training ) Where will I get the same Please suggest?

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can you send me the placement papers of electrical engg. from companis like NTPC,DRDO,IOCL,HPCL,BPCL etc.?If,plz send as soon as possible.Thanks.



What will be the average KVA rating of Auto Transformer for 75kw 415V , 3phase induction motor

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If the capacitor bank is installed in switchyard say 132/22kv then on LT side say 22kv/0.433kv is it necessary to install capacitor bank for maintaining power factor. if pf is maintained on HT side then will that be maintained on LT side as well.if not then how&why??????/ please explain...........


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what is relation between vector group of transformer and its load hormonics?


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What are all present producing cost of Per KWH of various Fuel?



Why the generator rating in kva

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Please nybody say, weather the result of Bharat Oman is declared or not? Probable date of declare???????


wat s the difference between diode and capacitor


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what work will do diffrential realay DG set


Explain the construction of the conservator, operation and purpose, and draw the diagram of the conservator.


Why corona leads to production of Ozone and glow of the color VOILET?


What are safety device in vcb and acb?


how open delta PT works & what is its construction?


There are Two questions about Steam Turbine Generator... What is HRSG bypass of LP, HP used for in power generation? In particualar, in the event that fault of HP bypass, there would be STG TRIP in operation but none on the LP bypass fault...what's the reason ?


While HT line put on to activate ACB in low tention panel VCB tripping instantly.why it happens


hello friends.. I have a doubt regarding the operation of dc machines.. I studied in a text book that a dc machine can be used as a generator and as a motor.. is this possible? If so,please send me the info about this topic.. you can also send your info to my mail.


Is there any question in the name of Static Switch in UPS??


i want to apper for apgenco or aptransco or related can any one sugest me where can i get previous papers of thouse exams


1. What is differential relay? How it operates? 2.How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer? 3.What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works? 4. While testing the 33KV Busbar by using Hipot kit, what should be the test voltage we have to apply? 5. What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer? 6. Explain how you can give the overload setting to any Motor Protection Relay for a HT motors with formula and example? 7. Why restricted earth fault protection is needed? Why can’t differential Protection is sufficient? 8. What should be the minimum and maximum ohmic value for earthing? 9. Why DC Currents are not used in transformer? 10. What is the Frequency while we step up the voltage from 220V to 11KV? Is it possible? Explain it?


How to measure the Harmonic Distortion of UPS ie THD?


at what basis/standard we have to arrive the current density of aluminium/ copper in busbar?


operation of diesel generator