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Why the generator rating in kva

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / ravi - cement plant india

Transformer and genrator PF depends on the nature of
connected load ( Motor ), But motor has its own fixed Power

Therefore Transformer and genrator capacity shown in KVA (
Without PF ) and motor Capacity shows in Kw ( with power
factor )

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / balaji

Generator is producer of Voltage and Current, we can
connect load as such draining full load current or half
load, even noload,but voltage remain moreover same.So it
willl rated in terms of product of V*I, secondly it gives a
electrical output for any Load(may Capacitor,Inductor &
resistor),so it is consider as Procuct of Voltage & Current
excluding powerfactor.
Whereas motor is machines coverts electrical Energy to
Mechanical energy, so it is rated in KW

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / zulfiquar wani

Generator and transformer are rated in KVA becoz at that
time we dont know the consumer power factor as we know that
the (KW= KVA X Cos Phi) as we know the power factor we have
ratings in KW and on the other hand motor has defined power
factor and the rating has been mentioned in KW for example
if we have transformer of rating 50KVA this rating of
transformer is its apparent power that is KVA if we
multiply the same withh the power factor 0.85 we will get
the real power that is KW

KW= KVA X Cos phi
KW = 50 X 0.85
KW= 42.5KW

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / p tiwari

Generator is a source of power. It includes active as well
as reactive power. It deliver only active power while
working on unity power factor. It deliver reactive power
only while connected to a purely reactive load. It can
deliver both of these powers while connected to a composite
load. This signifies that the current limit is the main
factor here. You can draw a purely rective current of rated
value or purly active current of rate value. combination of
output depends upon the load but the maximum limit is
When you are drawing both of the currencts active and
reactive, in such condition how much the alternator can
deliver? it can be descibed by KVA only not by KW. That is
why alternators are rated in KVA.
Motors are rated in KW only because for motors the load is
mechanical and thus only active power which is converted to
mech. is significant.The power factor of the motor is
independent of the load and at whatever powerfactor it
works it is due to its desing.

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / sdvyas

Generator rating is given in kVA,as generator is the souce
and delivers power to load. Load may be resistive,inductive
or capacitive.A 10 MVA generator will deliver 10 MW load if
power factor is unity,however if the power factor of the
load is 0.8 then generator can deliver active power up to
8MW only.It is up to user who efficienly generator power
may be utilised. Therfore, manufacturer always specify the
generator rating in KVA or MVA.

On the other hand, motor converts electrical energy into
mechanical energy.Therfore,its rating is given in KW as
power factor of the motor remain constant.

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / yajnesh

The rating of generator is described in terms of KVA by its
manufacturer because the generator will produce a constant
voltage on which it is designed and the current will depend
on the nature of load,for same load it delivers more
current for poor power factor and less current for unity
power factor, since the manufaturer does not know the
nature of load he desribed its rating in terms of voltage
and current.

While in case of motor, motor have fixed power factor.

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / iftikhar ahmed

Any device is rated depending on losses of the machine. In
a transformer the losses are iron losses which depend on
voltage and copper losses which depend on current so there
are no losses which depend on power factor hence
transformer is rated in KVA.the same thing applies for
generator aswell.

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / r.baskar

We all know that the factor "Power factor" comes only when
the voltage & current waves are travelling at a time
difference. This will happen due to the
inductive /capacitive nature of the load(Depends how the
load receives the power from the sourcei.e whether voltage
first (inductive)or current first(capacitive).

But at the time of producing the power, voltage and current
waveforms are starting from the source at the same time
only. Hence the question of power factor does not arise...

Hence DG is rated in kVA only...

Pls clarify ...

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / shiv mishra

We know that
Therefore according to this eq if pf is known then the rating will be in KW either rating will be in KVA.
In the generator pf is depend on the load because it convert mechanical to electrical energy.but in motor electrical convert into mechanical energy in which pf is constant.
Therefore generator rating in KVA & motor rating in KW.

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Why the generator rating in kva..

Answer / mohan

generators and trasformers are rated i
(phi).the manufacture didn't no custmor load(in kw).one
more answer iron losses depends on supply voltage and cu
losses on taht kvxi=kva

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