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MacLellan Interview Questions
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If the capacitor bank is installed in switchyard say 132/22kv then on LT side say 22kv/0.433kv is it necessary to install capacitor bank for maintaining power factor. if pf is maintained on HT side then will that be maintained on LT side as well.if not then how&why??????/ please explain...........

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What is the difference between reciprocating & rotary motors in AC units, which is the best one in terms of operation.

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how to check the 3ph capacitor is good or not.

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How to calculate the average power factor in 3 phase unbalanced system

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what is RMU ?

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what happens when a power transformer neutral earthing broken???

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what is the method of electric earth for the protection of low voltage electric equipment

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How to calculate the ups battery back up? give the formula.

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how much Amp we can put in 1200kva generator?

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How to find out freqency in Ac and Dc and also how u control it

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How to calculate meter constant in HT yard pls give me example for this issue

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Why in india freq. is 50HZ & in U.S.A. it is 60HZ?

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what is the impedance voltage of transformer?

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IN star -delta motors normally first operated in star mode {absulated given (r-y-b) phases after one miute change in delta mode in this case i am change phase sequience for example R -PHASE TO CHANGE Y-PHASE ;Y-PHASE TO CHANGE R-PHASE SO THIS TIME MOTOR WILL HAPPEN RUNNIG MODE EIGHTER(OR) STOP MODE(TRIP MODE)

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