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What will be the average KVA rating of Auto Transformer
for 75kw 415V , 3phase induction motor

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What will be the average KVA rating of Auto Transformer for 75kw 415V , 3phase induction motor..

Answer / arulkumaran

KVA = 75/0.85
KVA = 88.235
SO,average kva of auto transformer 90KVA (APP)

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What will be the average KVA rating of Auto Transformer for 75kw 415V , 3phase induction motor..

Answer / baikunth

motor rating in kva = 75/0.5=150kva
so the apparent power is let 200kva.
Keeping the starting condition and fault conditions like
overload,single phasing etc. I suggest 200x3=600kva or
750kva a standard value for the motor of 75kw,supposing that
transformer ration is 1:1.

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