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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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when a cunductor is being disconnected from live cct, still it showing charged, if its checked by line tester?


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WHY CFL can't made in shape of bulb.

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why three phase system is not preferred in aircrafts power cckts if yes than explain reasons?

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wat is the role of reactive power in power generation?why we have maintain it.

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wat is the importance of reactive power in power generation.....if it is zero means wat will happen to system........

Bhel, Jindal,

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what is difference between differential protection and distance protection and how we calculate the sloop?

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what is slip resistance? how much its value in 110 kw motor? why voltage is varied in vvvf drive ?


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What type of protective system we uses in L.V. distribution panels?

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Why P.f. of the system decreases when it is connectect across induction motor? & how to maintain the p.f. of system to unity.?


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What do you mean by S.F.U. unit? application of it.

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what is green house effect?

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what do u mean by knee point voltage?


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what is negative,positive abd zero sequence current explain clearly


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what happens when ac supply is given to D.C motor.

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what is purpose of using reactor in substations.

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1.dg on load alarm/stop alarm... 2.dg on load. piu alarm alarm kaise chek krte hai


Dear all, i completed M.E(Power Electronics & Drives) 2011 passed out having 78% so i need job in core side but i don't know how can i receive the calls from electrical companies and i uploaded my CV in naukri, times jobs etc.. In that iam not recieved any mails from good companies so give me best procedure plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... Thanks, K.Linga Reddy Ph no:-08015402078


How does cost of generation from hydropower plant compare with other sources of electricity?


1- XC and the RC time constant are both measures of the reaction of C to a change in ____? 2-The power factor is a numerical ratio with a value between 0 and 1 equal to the ______________ of the phase angle. 3-When V and I are out of phase because of reactance, the product of V times I is called ______________ power 4-For _____________ inductors, the branch currents can be added algebraically. 5- The ______________ power in watts can be calculated as I^2R 6-Calculate XL with L = 30mH and f = 1kHz ( I have Xl=2piFL 2*3.141592653*1kHz*30mH =188 ohms Please check) 7-A parallel RL circuit has the values, R = 5kohms, XL = 5kohms. A voltage source of Vt = 10Vrms is connected in parallel to R and L. Determine the total current, It delivered by the voltage source Vt. 8-A series RC circuit has R = 1Mohm and C = 1microF. How long would it take for the capacitor to fully discharge if it is initially fully charged? 9-A circuit has real power = 300W and an apparent power of 500VA. Determine the power factor and phase angle. 10-The time constant for an LR series circuit is T = 0.1s and R = 10ohms. Calculate the inductance L.


Hi Friend I am used multimeter to measure the voltage between R Phase(SS1) to R Phase(SS2). In SS1 is connected with UPS loads. But I am getting voltage between these 2 R Phases. Please give some idea friend


What is distance between electrical panel to land ?


hi can anyone pls tell me the eee interview core questions asked in l&t


hii this is ranjith from hyd... i want to know what type of questions they ask in interview...and hw the interview will go..? what subjects thay ask specially for electrical engg students?


234 MVA Generator 3 phase Short circuit current Values required? Gen set Rating-234 MVA, Gen Voltage-18kv, PF;0.8, Xdv:23.5 %, Transformer Rating-18/380KV, 680MVA,Yndd1 two winding, Step up TR, ZT:35.50 %,X/R 4.33 Gen CB Position, CB open ,Disconnected open, Generator Running Voltage 18 Kv, Bi mistakes generator side earth switch Closed during that time short circuit current level in 3 Phase required, and how to test on site 234MVA Generator Short circuit current,


why high speed tripping relay is used in protection circuit why not normal relay


If the line voltage is reduced to 75% of its rated value then by what percentage current will reduce ?? 75% 25% 50% no change and why ?


What is difference between Sample test and Routine test in safety standard?


How much inductance or resistance require as a starter in series with induction motor of specific capacity(e.g. 5 hp) ? What is formula for it ?


what are the breakdown voltage rating of mini- curcuit'transfarmer!


What are the various kind of cables used for transmission?