Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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when a cunductor is being disconnected from live cct, still it showing charged, if its checked by line tester?


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WHY CFL can't made in shape of bulb.

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why three phase system is not preferred in aircrafts power cckts if yes than explain reasons?

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wat is the role of reactive power in power generation?why we have maintain it.

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wat is the importance of reactive power in power generation.....if it is zero means wat will happen to system........

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what is difference between differential protection and distance protection and how we calculate the sloop?

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what is slip resistance? how much its value in 110 kw motor? why voltage is varied in vvvf drive ?


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What type of protective system we uses in L.V. distribution panels?

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Why P.f. of the system decreases when it is connectect across induction motor? & how to maintain the p.f. of system to unity.?


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What do you mean by S.F.U. unit? application of it.

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what is green house effect?

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what do u mean by knee point voltage?


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what is negative,positive abd zero sequence current explain clearly


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what happens when ac supply is given to D.C motor.

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what is purpose of using reactor in substations.

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what will be happen if earth point is being used for as a neutral point for raw power , and same will be used for ups earthing


orifice sizing how done, checking & selection


what is meant by brushed alternator & its working principle ?


why occ characteristics of generator is also called as magnatization characteristics ?


If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?


how to electronic energy metter failed in electomagnectic fild passing in the metter and which thing to defect more on metter.


1.what is mean by 8/20 micro sec waveshape


I would like to know that the fault curretn at base load and at 10% generation will be same? Fault level of BUS remain same with different generation?


What is the effect on Power factor and capacitor when your company load is more than 70 % of welding transformer


How do we calculate the maximum amount of current in a 300 SQ.MM cable ?


what heppend if we are connected u1-v1-w1 as a star point in the place of u2-v2-w2 in power genration


how to calculate earth fault relay current and CBCT ratio


how many single tension hardware are required on a double circuit transmission tower?


How PSV sizing being done


For a 6.6kV Motor it is recommended to do megger test with 500 V d.c and not more than 5kV d.c but the Hi voltage withstand test should be performed by 12kV AC. Why the dc voltage test should be limited but AC voltage withstand test could be with such a high voltage?