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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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how to convert cubic metre per hour to newton cubic metre per hour


can we replace a pressure transmitter of range 0 to 25 Kg/cm2 by a Pressure transmitter of range 0 to 10 Kg/cm2 ?.. Will it affect 4 to 20 mA output signal which we will feed to the PLC.


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What is the right procedure for adjusting the gap voltage of bently nevada vibration sensor?

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how to calibrate a capillary type level transmitter for a closed tank in field? also what is the procedure for commissioning a capillary level transmitter for a closed tank?

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Why the tapping connections are taking above for gas service and below for liquid service?

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how to calibrate bubbler type level transmitter of rosemount make and how to set air flow according to the range.. give one calibration procedure with one example

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Is Hart communicator calibration device or communicating device for transmitter?


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what is type of protocol used in instrument field to marshalling cabinet cabel. what is the differenance between bus cabel and instrument cabel?


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Generally in which location ( JB or IO card or DCS) the thermocouple compensation is done.Also where they measure the atmosphere temp ( for compensation) in JB OR DCS panel? How they compensating that atmosphere temp? is any circuit for that ( like in rtd wheatstone bridge)?

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what is the thermocuple compensation circuit

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To find closed tank level by DP transmitter , how to findout its range.and insomeplace they using range like - 1500 to +1500 mmwc why not 0 to 3000 mmwc. how they spilit they range for minus and plus.and why?

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how to calculate interface capelary level transmetar lower S.G.0.54 and uper S.G. 0.26 and h=490 mm

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how to calculate the total flow in square root

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how do u calibrate the vacuum transmitter if it shows more reading


what are the installation requirement is common to all flow meter when volumetric flow rate is being measured

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in natural gas indirect water bath heater,how to prevent the problem of backfire from firetube during ignition...becoz of this backfire performance of wbh is going low.


Instrument QA/Qc what is the project quality plan?conduit inspection RFI. which documents attache with package?


How works weighfeeders in cement industry? what is the working principle?


If relative y axis vibration sensor is by passed, and relative x axis and absolute sensor is left working. how much monitoring i would have risked?


Which is the best field foundation bus. ( FF ) Yokogawa, Honeywell or others ?


How signals can be taken through modbus?


how to convert cubic metre per hour to newton cubic metre per hour


What is first echo & echo window in radar type level transmitter?


how to calibrate load cell


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Why does a pressure gauge installed on reactor, doesn't have any vent line below to release the pressure? Is it any kind of designing mistake or it actually does not require any vent line? And if it does not require any vent line below it then how we are gonna release the pressure built inside the pressure gauge?


What are advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell?


which type of signal used in instrument?


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how to design orifice plate?what is the equation?