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Kuwait Oil Company Interview Questions
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Hod do u calculate cable size for underground laying and the factors effecting/influencing it??

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what is the equation to find out of full vollum of cylinder ?

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What is reference modification? What is UNION in sql and syntax? What is the difference between GDGS and VSAM? Which is prefer one? What is processing groups in endevor?

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What makes the difference between 50Hz supply and 60Hz supply which one is economical and how can you support your answer...........?

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400kw, 3.3Kv motor want to fix 1000km away from substation. What is full load current? and what is the cable size for motor? I amp expecting answer and advice from your side.. thanks...

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To find closed tank level by DP transmitter , how to findout its range.and insomeplace they using range like - 1500 to +1500 mmwc why not 0 to 3000 mmwc. how they spilit they range for minus and plus.and why?

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types of valves

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what is mean by k150

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Kuwait Oil Company Interview Questions
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