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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Is there any relation between Artificial Intelligence and Instrumentation?


Can anyone convert a 5/2 way or 3/2 way valve into an ISO valve?


Why are the uses 24vdc in industries


How to convert mmWc(mili meter water colam) to tph(ton per hour)?


Pressure transmitter working Principles?

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Can any one tell me what type of question asked for instrumentation and control interview panel??? pls mail


How to convertion 100 m3/hr to mmH2O or to Kg/cm2?


Question on maha cement


What is Span Error


What is Predictive Maintenance


How to calibrate Magnetic flow Transmitter in Field


How to Calibrate Ultrasonic flow Transmitter in Field


How to Calibrate Radar Level Transmitter in Field


How to Calibrate Ultrasonic Level Transmitter in field


How to Calibrate Vortex Flow transmitter in field


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How to Calibrate Flammable gas detector in field


3. Differentiate between ultrasonic flowmeter and radar type flow meter.


what is moisture probe? What are there types? What is there working principle and how they works? guys this is one of technical question I had ask in interview. If you know its answer please let me know. The interviewers were more interested in microwave moisture probe, so if you find its any link please just forward me on my mail Thanks in advance.


What are primary elements of measuring pressure?


I have energy meter for educational project having 0.5s class but my friend need 0.2s class meter , which one is good for that purpose and what is the actual difference of that two classes , need very easy example also.??


How to calibrate Magnetic flow Transmitter in Field


what are the definitions of input, output, command & signal according to instruments controlled by PLC using DCS System?


how pressure transmitter work, what is its principal to measure and how its generate signal. for pressure transmitterinstallation which precautions must be taken ??


Whatis the reset ofset and control system in instrumentation


Explain pH, Conductivity.


Q1: Consider part of a control loop, which excludes the transmitter, consisting of a process, a controller and a control valve which may be represented by two dead times of 0.5 min each and three exponential lags of 0.8 min., 1.0 min. and 1.5 min. respectively. We wish to express this system as an overall first order plus dead time (FOPLD) model ie gain, time constant and process dead time. (We will see later that this is often done, to simplify controller tuning). For this exercise, gain is considered to be 1.0. (A) If the transmitter is a flow transmitter whose behaviour can be described by a dead time of 0.2 min. and an exponential lag of 0.5 min. in terms of the overall dead time and overall first order lag how can the system behaviour be approximated ? Overall dead time = Overall time constant = (B) If the transmitter is a temperature transmitter with a temperature sensor in a protecting well whose behaviour can be described by a dead time of 0.7 min. and an exponential lag of 15 min. how can the overall system behaviour be approximated now? Overall dead time = Overall time constant =


Why ac supply load cell is used? Can we use the dc supply load cell?


what is sliding spool valves?


How to change dcs card in online. (Dsc is maxdna)


What are the maximum packet size of: a) HART b) Profibus DP c)Profibus PA d) DeviceNet e) Foundation Fieldbus