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Yokogawa Interview Questions
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what are the different types of terminal lugs used for wiring termination?

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what is the meaning of reverse action and forward action of control valve...

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what master plc do?

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how in the 2 - wire transmitter, 24v supply and the 4ma signal gets in the same path?

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What is DCS?

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Is Hart communicator calibration device or communicating device for transmitter?

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Can we use twisted pair cable instead of ethernet for communication?

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How does a redundant controller comes in line when the main controller fails??

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what is compensation in engineering and what is temperature compensation?

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WE ARE HAVING YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS 3000 DCS, 2 FCS AND 4 HIS " When the operation Download to HIS message appears: Equalize start. HIS0163 WARNING: Could not connect to equalize destination. (7001) Retrying. Number of retries = 0/1 ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060 ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060 ERROR: Processing terminated due to connection error. (7002) Equalization end with errors. HIS0163 ---- ERROR = 3 WARNING = 1 ---- Tell me, please, why and how to solve the problem."

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we are having yokogawa centum cs3000 dcs in our power plant. i need some of the operator guides NOT to appear in HIS0163 AND HIS 0162 but it shoul appear in HIS0164 HOW TO DO IT?


what is the field bus calble ? what are diffrences in orang colur cable and black coular calble ?


Can I route 110 VDC and 24 VDC in a same Duct for our Interposing relay cabinet? IF yes or NO Please provide me IEEE Std. for the same. Please i required it on Urgent basis, i need to design IRP Cabinets and we have MCC 110VDC and Our Coil side is 24VDC, Please help as soon as possible.


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Hello, My project requirement is like I need to create a web page using MVC pattern. I hava a bean class, jsp page, servlet, service and dao. My jsp has two fields. One is dropdown list. The option values has to get populated from the database table. The other one is a text box and its value has to come from database table. As of now I have defined the fields in bean class, got the values from database using arraylists in dao class and I called this from service class. Can anyone please tell me the workflow of how the servlet will get this arraylist and populate the arraylist values as dropdown options in jsp page? Also I would like to know the role of bean class in MVC pattern? Thanks in advance!


Looking for Bently Nevada surplus 3300/52-01-00-00 Reverse Rotation Monitor , 4 pieces.


how can be calibrate flow indication transmitter (rosemount) it shows excess milli amps nearly about 24 ma on full scale, but its scale was set on 20ma on full scale..???how can be simiulate..???


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what is varible


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