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Yokogawa Interview Questions
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what are the different types of terminal lugs used for wiring termination?

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what is the meaning of reverse action and forward action of control valve...

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what master plc do?

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how in the 2 - wire transmitter, 24v supply and the 4ma signal gets in the same path?

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What is DCS?

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Is Hart communicator calibration device or communicating device for transmitter?

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Can we use twisted pair cable instead of ethernet for communication?

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How does a redundant controller comes in line when the main controller fails??

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what is compensation in engineering and what is temperature compensation?

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WE ARE HAVING YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS 3000 DCS, 2 FCS AND 4 HIS " When the operation Download to HIS message appears: Equalize start. HIS0163 WARNING: Could not connect to equalize destination. (7001) Retrying. Number of retries = 0/1 ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060 ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060 ERROR: Processing terminated due to connection error. (7002) Equalization end with errors. HIS0163 ---- ERROR = 3 WARNING = 1 ---- Tell me, please, why and how to solve the problem."

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we are having yokogawa centum cs3000 dcs in our power plant. i need some of the operator guides NOT to appear in HIS0163 AND HIS 0162 but it shoul appear in HIS0164 HOW TO DO IT?


what is the field bus calble ? what are diffrences in orang colur cable and black coular calble ?


Can I route 110 VDC and 24 VDC in a same Duct for our Interposing relay cabinet? IF yes or NO Please provide me IEEE Std. for the same. Please i required it on Urgent basis, i need to design IRP Cabinets and we have MCC 110VDC and Our Coil side is 24VDC, Please help as soon as possible.


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please send me last five year papers for my electronic and communication branch as i have completed my graduation in diploma.


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Yokogawa Interview Questions
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