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Samsung Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Class and Structure?

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What is Difference between thread and process?

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What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

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What are wrapped classes?

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How to resolve many to many relationship?

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A polygon has 1325 diagonals. How many vertices does it have?

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PHILIPS PLACEMENT PAPERS ________ Placement Paper 2

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What is Namespace?

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Give an example of microkernel.

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Which of the following exposures could be caused by a line-grabbing technique? A. Unauthorized data access B. Excessive CPU cycle usage C. Lockout of terminal polling D. Multiplexor control dysfunction

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Write a floral formula for a flower which has 5 united sepals; a zygomorphic corolla of 5 petals-one large one, two small ones, and two that are united; 9 stamens united by their filaments and one free; and one superior carpel.

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The first Asian Games were held in: (a) New Delhi in 1951 (b) Bangkok in 1952 (c) Singapore in 1952 (d) Kuala Lumpur in 1952

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What is difference between marketing and sales

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how u describe urself? tell us about urself?

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What is the difference between sendRedirect() and forward()? in what situations do we have to use send redirect() instead of forward().

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Un-Answered Questions

any body plz send health care domain project to me with explanation any two modules on that project. mail_id:


formula for convert liter in to pale


What is the difference between ff transmitter and non ff transmitter


How to work temperature gauge?


Hi we are running tests remotely from quality center and pushing tests into qtp boxes remotely, and it does execution but while uploading results back into quality center it hangs in qtp box.If any one come across similar problem, please send me details how to handle this. Thanks kris


hello everybody, I have started learning testing tools and have familiarity with winrunner and general testing knowledge.Pl let me know what other stuff should i learn. I had 6 yrs of exp in GIS field and now i want to shift to testing tools. I left my job in 2001 now i want to enter into the market again. Could any of u help me how to approach the market. Any suggetions are very helpful to me. I am in US though. Thanks in advance


A FIU19(E) units Flexbus LED is flashing. What is the meaning?


PLZ sent the previous year question paper for GET in NHPC on my EMail id


How select ELCB for 32amp. socket having quantity 12Nos. We have to do this wiring in PLANT. Please Also explain the incoming cable specification.


Suppose My received Interest Income is 24934.59 And for the same time my Bank Charge total is 7785.19. Now the total Bank Charge will be deducted from Interest Income and the amount of (24934.59-7785.19)=17149.40 will be withdrawn to deposit in govt. Account.What will be the Journal Entry for 17149.40. Here, Already Bank Charge 7785.40 is Already Debited and 24934.59 is already credited in Journal.


how many reports have u created ? explain a few.


how to calculate the distance relay faulty zone?pls explain?


what do u mean by comparative budget?


how many shuttering material required for 1000 sq.m built up area.


Hi All, I am a IT professional and I have 4 years of Exp. I am financially not equipped to do a full time MBA and I want to know if any good MBA colleges that provides Executive MBA program and that will significantly improve my Career and also get me more abroad opportunities. Please help me with the information. Thanks in Advance


Samsung Interview Questions
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