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HP Interview Questions
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what is the process to activate all the 3 nic cards in server please give all the commands to activate asap

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how to set tunneling in putty when any portno blocked from firewall to use resources with that portno like ssh 22


tell about gaps in u r progject?


why we need reconciliation account in SAP for AP and AR plz give em answer in details

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of Vlan?

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In My job I have 15 procs.and in each proc i have 3 steps. i want to execute 3 step in proc it possible? if possible how?

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paid Rs.500 to tax amount which was due for two months pass journal entries

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Which command display diagnostics in ok boot prompt?

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which fields we cannot control through the field status groups at the time of document posting?

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if earthing is not connected to computers any problem ?

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What are the T-codes in BI security

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what is the difference between normal business process and sap sd business process? please give me reply experts.

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for example we will take hindustan unilever is the implementation project.what is the business process of the hindustan unilever ltd and what are the settings will be done in enterprise structure and how many sales areas,distribution channels,divisions are created and please tell me what is the business process u have done in sap sd implementation project what are steps of business process you are fallowing. experts please give me answers.this problem i will face two are three times in interview please give answers urgently.thanks for u r respond.

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How are parameters defined in informatica?

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Difference between User Group in "Logon data" and "Groups" tab in SU01

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HP Interview Questions

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