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Cognizant Interview Questions
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88 level entry is for

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What is object repository?

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How to create Derived Tables in BO 6.5.4 with columns from different tables in the universe and how it has to be joined in the universe? If any one gives us a PPT format I will be more thankful.

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What are the types of tables in Teradata

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Disavantages of document generator? How to take a print out of the steps in the Parameterized scripts?


IN integration testing tester should knowledge of code or not?


write the SQL statement to retrieve the 2nd Highest salary ammount(File Name="EMPLOY",Field Name="SALARY")

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what is the difference between the .dbc and .cfg extensions and give any clear information ?

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There is a table, In one column it has implemented a index, but the index is disturbed by the regular dml statements.. but still we need to keep the index. how it is possible?

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My source has 100 records. I have targets say in number 5. all target tables has parent and child relationships in between themselves. Now I want to load all 100 records into all targets. How U can ensure that record inserted in parent and then loaded into child.

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A and B are tables. x is a column. Then What is difference between A.x = B.x(+) and A.x = B.x ?

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How do you convert one country currencies to another country currencies please explain me

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what is coredump & crashdump.what's the difference between these two.

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Difference between interface and abstract class?

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what is the accouniting

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Cognizant Interview Questions

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How Defining interfaces without IDL in VisiBroker?


What is the size of the recommended compressor cfm?


Are polymorphisms mutations?


What is cucumber and define what are the advantages of cucumber?


What is the difference between awk and grep?


Hi friends,anybody can send me previous HAL interview question paper OR all other interview question paper. To,


Your hardware vendor left you voicemail saying that a snowstorm in the Midwest will prevent your equipment from arriving on time. You identified a risk response for this risk and have arranged for a local company to lease you the needed equipment until yours arrives. This is an example of which risk response strategy? A. Transference B. Acceptance C. Mitigation D. Avoidance


Why does a glass filled with water shatter when you run your finger along the rim of the glass?


Can an application have multiple classes having main method?


who is a protected class-level variable available to?


what is the types of transmission


The present state of recession in the IT industry as a human resource manger how are you going to undertake human resources planning at macro level to tide over this crisis ?


how to getweekday,weekmonth,month,weekno,week order in the report by using routines?


what is SOAP envelop element?


How do you think banks will help in women empowerment?