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Cognizant Interview Questions
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88 level entry is for

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What is object repository?

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How to create Derived Tables in BO 6.5.4 with columns from different tables in the universe and how it has to be joined in the universe? If any one gives us a PPT format I will be more thankful.

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What are the types of tables in Teradata

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Disavantages of document generator? How to take a print out of the steps in the Parameterized scripts?


IN integration testing tester should knowledge of code or not?


write the SQL statement to retrieve the 2nd Highest salary ammount(File Name="EMPLOY",Field Name="SALARY")

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what is the difference between the .dbc and .cfg extensions and give any clear information ?

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There is a table, In one column it has implemented a index, but the index is disturbed by the regular dml statements.. but still we need to keep the index. how it is possible?

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My source has 100 records. I have targets say in number 5. all target tables has parent and child relationships in between themselves. Now I want to load all 100 records into all targets. How U can ensure that record inserted in parent and then loaded into child.

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A and B are tables. x is a column. Then What is difference between A.x = B.x(+) and A.x = B.x ?

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How do you convert one country currencies to another country currencies please explain me

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what is coredump & crashdump.what's the difference between these two.

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Difference between interface and abstract class?

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what is the accouniting

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Cognizant Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

using only #include and #include Write a program in C that will read an input from the user and print it back to the user if it is a palindrome. The string ends when it encounters a whitespace. The input string is at most 30 characters. Assume the string has no spaces and distinguish between and lowercase. So madam is a palindrome, but MadAm is not a palindrome. Use scanf and %s to read the string. Sample Test: Enter a string: madam madam is a palindrome. Enter a string: 09023 09023 is not a palindrome.


Define quad?


What is description list?


How many operational command in hbase?


What is hana cds? : hana xsjs


In 3 way match.....Order qty is 100 and received 90 and 10 got rejected. But the supplier sent an invoice for 100 qty. what are the steps we need to take in SAP. Whether we need to reject the invoice or process with the 90 qty .please explain with real time.


Is atoi safe?


Do you know the languages supported for android development?


What are your career plans at Farmfoods?


what do you want to join this bank


What does f.o.f. Stand for in piping design?


Explain an assembly and its use?


i need project topics along with circuit diagram in the electrical and electronics engg and also some websites regarding projets.


How do you connect to a server?


What is compiler directive in as400? Give example of compiler directive.?