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Cognizant QTP Interview Questions
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How to Parameterize Object repository in QTP?

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we have a link in a website or webtable How can we record link in that table or site? link is not static we don't know exact location of that link? how ? if u know pls give reply with script also?

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what is keyword driven framework in qtp.

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what is the diffrence between script and Language ? (Chandana)

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Qtp has been installed on my pc but recently ON opening it is giving this error PLEASE REPLY IT IS URGENT IT WAS WORKKING FINE QTPRO.EX THE instruction at "0x7.. ...". referenced memory at "0000....The memory could not be read... Awaiting QTP XPERTS REPly URGENT


How to identify 2 versions of browsers based on regular expression

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How to test the login page in different ways in automation testing and i need code?


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Cognizant QTP Interview Questions

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