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Cognizant Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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how should we start our self introduction.what is the sequence should we after our name then what we have to say.

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tell me about ur favourite colour

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why you want to come into call centre feild?

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What did you do yesterday.

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Tell me about your most memorable moment.

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what is your expectation to our company? and what is my expectation from you?

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what is smart work and hard work,

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Tell me something about your favorite movie? Tell me something about your favorite colour? Tell me what u did yesterday? This are question which frequently asked by interviewrs,so if you know please post with correct answers and i rquest you to guys dont make fun of it, it may help anyone who ready this question to get there jobs.

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tell about jam round? and how to tell?

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why you want to join a call center as a quality analyst

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i am a B.E graduate.i completed in 2008.i just searched for a job for past 1year in IT companys but due to recession i didnt get i turned towards bpo and callcentre.but while attending bpo the very first question they are asking 1.being a b.e graduate why you want to work in bpo 2.what were you doing for past 1year??? plz help me to overcome this...

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why should i join wipro bpo but not any other


Tell me about a movie you have seen rescently. Tell me about yourself

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Why do you think that we will appoint you?

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in cognizant i have selected for first three rounds and final round is ops round in that round interviewer is asking for introduction and family background and hobbies and make him to convince

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Cognizant Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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