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Cognizant Data Stage Interview Questions
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can we use sequential file as a lookup

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I am running a job with 1000 records.. If the job gots aborted after loading 400 records into target... In this case i want to load the records in the target with 401 record... How will we do it??? This scenario is not for sequence job it's only in the job Ex: Seq file--> Trans--> Dataset..

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Converting Vertical PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage in DataStage. Ex: DEPT_NO EMPNAME 10 Subhash 10 Suresh 10 sravs Output: DEPT_NO EMP1 EMP2 EMP3 10 subhash suresh sravs 2) How to implement Horizontal PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage.

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Hi Friends, I have a input data like, class_id Marks 101 50 101 60 101 40 102 90 102 35 And i want my output data like class_id Marks Rank 101 50 2 101 60 1 101 40 3 102 90 1 102 35 2 how to do this in datastage?

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Can you implement SCD2 using join, transformer and funnel stage?


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Cognizant Data Stage Interview Questions

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