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Cognizant EAI AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the differnce between loop and repeat

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what are the dis advantages of pub sub model

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Cognizant EAI AllOther Interview Questions

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1. Tell me about your self? 2. Latest Project Introduction? 3. Difference between server jobs and parallel jobs? 4. Seq-Seq Explain its behavior and execution mode and which parallelism technique is used? 5. What is padding characters? 6. Seq-Seq, Seq-Copy-Seq which one is the best and efficient? 7. How many reject links do we have to a transformer? 8. How many reject links to join stage? 9. Difference between join and lookup? 10. How to design PX routine? 11. How can we call job in another job? 12. Difference between batch and sequencer? 13. Which Database is used? 14. What is change capture? Give briefing of that? 15. What is change Code? Explain? 16. How you call UNIX in Ds? 17. How do you call JCL in UNIX? 18. How do you pass the job status of one job to another job? Have designed any job sequencer? 19. How do you find a file in existed directory? 20. How can you call parallel jobs in transformer? 21. Execution of jobs in command line? 22. Tuning of sql queries? 23. What is orchestrating metadata? 24. What are junk dimension? 25. What are the third party tools you are used? 26. What are the system variables you have used?


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