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Cognizant Core Java Interview Questions
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How OOPS concept is achieved in Java?

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Explain difference between final, finally and finalize?

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what is the difference between abstract class and Interface?where we can use it in realtime projects?

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explain System.out.println

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What is hard code & soft code?

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What is Hash Code in Java?

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What are uses of Hash Code?

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Difference between interface and abstract class with ex.

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What is multithreading ???? How to stop multithrading in java????

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Suppose there is an array list [10,5,20,19,15,24].Print them in ascending & descending order in collection framework concept ???

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What is default specifier ??? Use of default specifier ???

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Is Java Class Threadsafe ????? How to make Java class Thread safe??

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I have a string like _a01_a02_a03_ and another string like _2_1.5_4_ as input.I want to extract a01,a02... to a string array and 2,1.5,etc to a double array with a01 corresponds to 2 and a02 to 1.5 etc. Need code in core java.. Can you do it?

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What are non-access modifiers?

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Why do we need to override equals() and hascode() method of object class?

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Cognizant Core Java Interview Questions

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