How to create Derived Tables in BO 6.5.4 with columns from
different tables in the universe and how it has to be
joined in the universe? If any one gives us a PPT format I
will be more thankful.

How to create Derived Tables in BO 6.5.4 with columns from different tables in the universe and ho..

Answer / amritha

I have no idea about BO6.5 however I feel that creating
Derived table must be similar in both XIR2 and BO6.5.

-right click any where in Designer.
-select Derived table from Popup menu.
-A window will open up. Give the name of the derived table,
You can specify the SQL stmt here as you do for example in
oracle(if you are using oracle DB).

Bonus,dept,emp where EMP.DEPTNO=DEPT.DEPTNO

You can specify the join in SQL stmt if necessary.

However joining the Derived table indeed is similar as
joining a normal table.


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