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Cognizant SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Hi What is the Major Difference Between Profit Center and Business Area

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what is Auto debit in G/L?

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What is auto supplement posting in G/L?

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What is Planning in G/L?


In AP, there are some 10,000 vendors..youa re asked to make config in such a way that the payment is made business do you do it?

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In A/R, You are maintaining recon in legacy system & at the end of every month you need to carry forward the balance to SAP..what config do you do & what is the accouting transaction?

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In Asset accouting, the capitalisation date of an asset is 01/10/2008, you need to ensure the foll: i. Deprn of 40% should be completely depreciated on 01/10/2008, ii. Deprn of 20 % should be evenly distributed throughout the year iii. Deprn of 20%, out of which 10% shud be assigned on 01/10/2008 & the remaining throughout the year.. how do you config this??

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how to issue a single cheque payment for multiple open items for a single vendor in automatic payment program (f110). becoz normally we issue a single cheque for each open item, but if we want to issue a single for a number of open items then how to customise it?

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Hi Experts, What is Auto Debit in SAP? please of any body know let me know the answers Regards, Inthiyaz


What is meant by Short period Posting?

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How we can transfer balance gl from one fiscal year to another fiscal year? plz, give in detials, it's urgernt.

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What is the foreign currency valuation,importance of the foreign currency?

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what soft were u r company uesing


payment methods

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whate are the tabes in f110

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Post New Cognizant SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

Cognizant SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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