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Cognizant Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is schema?

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What is Row Chaining ?

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Difference between primary key and unique key ?

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find out the second highest salary?

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Anybody can tell me, how do we find second largest emp salary from emp table.. Thanks in advance ...

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how to get the index id?

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SQLERRM is a a. Constraint b. Pre Defined Exception c. Pseduocolumn d. Constant e. None of Above.

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interview questions with answer for cts


A and B are tables. x is a column. Then What is difference between A.x = B.x(+) and A.x = B.x ?

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T1: T2 A X--- this is updated record B B like this T1 table having no.of records updated. write a query"retrive updated record from T2"

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Cognizant Oracle General Interview Questions

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