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Cognizant SAS Interview Questions
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In the SAS Data step what is the difference between the subsetting done by Where and subsetting done by If?

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what is the difference between proc means and proc tabulate?

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What is SAS? is it a software just for use or we can creat something over there?

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hi here is a problem can anybody solve this? i want to report the data through third party file. by using data _null_ or proc report or macro automation process. but i want to insert the 'titles and footnotes' in between the data and also starting of 2nd and ending of 2nd and starting of 3rd and ending of the 3rd page. tell me how and write the code?


how to rearrange the data as our wish by using dataset block?

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what is washout period?

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what is the use of catalog?

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what is lifetest

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what is _error_?

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what is the difference between DUPKEY and NODUPKEY???

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Cognizant SAS Interview Questions

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