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Cognizant Test Cases Interview Questions
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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle.

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Write the functional test case for opening a user email account on any website(like yahoo rediff,gmail)

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Some test case for mambo cms (only basically: graphic, function...) Thanks for answer.


i want to write the test cases for sorting the records in a table according to date wise.this is the functionality ,that is the latest record should come on the top can any one tell me the test cases for this thanks in advance:)

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i m a fresher working in healthcare industry. here we hve no tool for testing. how i ll do manual testing?plz suggest anyone me urgently... i knw to write test case bt i dont knw where to write n how to execute it manually

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You are Only tester for Onsite client team, this team is on holiday for two day from monday & SIT is started with plan end date is friday in this case if all server,application is crashed then as a tester what will be your approach


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Cognizant Test Cases Interview Questions

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