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Cognizant SQL Server Interview Questions
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how to find nth highest salary

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About types of indexes in SQL server ?

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Difference between writing SQL query and stored procedure ?

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About DTS usage ?

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How do you optimize Sql queries ?


Rate yourself in .NET and SQL ?

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how to retrive only second row from table in sql server 2000?

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After recovering the database by using tail log backup.How to verify the data has been sucessfully restored or not.?


How to retrieve range of 10th rows to 20 th rows from total rows from a database table.? (Not from Dataset)

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write a query for list of owner who are having multiple bikes in below table 1 shanker pulsar 2 shanker Honda 3 shanker car 4 Balu pulsar 5 Balu Honda 6 Balu car 7 Shyam pulsar 8 Jaya Honda 9 Deepa car 10 vasu car

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Syntax to find the used space and free space of the Data file in a database(SQL Server). Following queries didn't give the exact Used space and Free Space Information sp_spaceused;DBCC showfilestats;exec MyDbName.dbo.sp_spaceused;SP_HELPFILE Can any one tell me the query for how to find the exact used data file space and free space in a Data File?

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How to generate the Reports for the Database? I need an Example for it.Will we manually do this or else any script is there? Please let me know ASAP...

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When we are using this query to shrink the log file,what exactly it will execute internally? Do we lose any data when we run this script? which data it will truncate in the log file and where it is saved. Please let me know... USE DatabaseName GO DBCC SHRINKFILE(, 1) BACKUP LOG WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY DBCC SHRINKFILE(, 1) GO

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one of my database size is 2gb and Unrestricted Growth for Data file up to 10%.But every day after day I am getting Primary Data file is full 99.999 please take appropriate actions.Why it is? Even disk space is also not full,but still I am getting the alerts.

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Suppose i have one sql query that contains 2 minute to execute.After one weekly i am executing same query that is taking 5 minute.Why our same query is taking more time.what would be my approach to reduce execution time.Please help.

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Cognizant SQL Server Interview Questions

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