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Cognizant Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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How to build a good rapport?


Why would you be absent at work, except for natural calamities?


When do you want to start?


Tell me something about your on-the-job training?


Panel interview; how do handle different issues coming from different workloads or multiple responsibilities i.e troubleshooting of browser, billing, cable TV, and phone?


If you have a superpower what would like to do for one day at work and why?


Why do you think customer service is most important? ( elaborate your thoughts logically with critical analysis for the assessment)


How do you handle constructive criticism?


Tell me something about your college and your course why do you choose that?


What are the disadvantage and advantage of working in a call center?


If you were given a chance to become a mayor or someone who has power and authority over all the country what would you like to do and why?


What is your favorite food tell me how it's being prepared?


What book do you like to read and tell me something about it? What organizations do you belong to and what exactly do you do you there? ( these are the follow up questions being asked if you're a newbie in this industry,after answering the question " tell me something about yourself" because you mentioned the things that you justsaid such as your hobby, the organizations you're joining in, or books you read on, they will ask for more something about these things if you're lying or not, so be specific as well with your answers.)


What's your favorite food tell me how to cook it? So you like to read books, tell me something about the book that you red last time? and you belong in different organizations, tell me what else do you do there and what is this organization that you belong to? ( these are the follow up questions sometimes being asked to prove if you're lying or not, so the tip here's be specific with your answers to make them believe in what you're sayin. These questions are being encountered after answering the question,of telling something about yourself.)


How long did you travel to get here in our office?


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Cognizant Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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