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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate the Quantity of Steel for Footing?


Are you ready to relocate with your immediate family to United States as a new employee?


How to calculate manhole brick work quantity.

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which grade of cement mostly used in construction and why..??

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which grade of cement is more suitable for construction..? and why.?? what is difference between 33, 43 and 53 grade cement..?

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What is the meaning of Fe415 ?

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what is the difference between sill beam,Tie beam and plinth beam?

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How many Sqm can laid Vitrified tiles for flooring per day per masan?

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How Many Cement Bags Are Used in 1 Sqm Area for Plaster????

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why the cube depth is 150 mm which is used for testing

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why does only water ads in concrete?

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Plastering with cm 1:5 mix( one cement and five sand ) to 12 mm thick. How much Bag of Cement (50 Kg) and Sand (Cum)

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Why we provide chair for slab reinforcement? How to place chair distributors to distributors or top distributors to bottom main?

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difference between specification and method of statement

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What is the differential length of steel reinforcement? What is the over lap length of steel in different grades of concrete?

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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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