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which grade of cement is more suitable for construction..? and why.?? what is difference between 33, 43 and 53 grade cement..?

which grade of cement is more suitable for construction..? and why.?? what is difference between 33,..

Answer / srav

*33 Grade OPC is used for general construction works like plastering and finishing works in normal environmental conditions. However, its use is virtually phased out today.

*Coming to the 43 Grade OPC, it is the most commonly used grade for home construction. It has its applications in plastering, finishing works, precast items, foundations, brick work, and compound wall and so on. It has more strength development than the 33 grade cement.

*53 Grade OPC develops strength very fast. High rise building constructions use 53 grade cement. This is applicable for use in structures where high grade concrete is required

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