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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how many rods to be require in kg 10sq.m slab?

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extra how much quantity need to fill the actual excavated quantity.

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How do you find the difference between 53&43 grade cement in site?

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acceptance criteria for concrete works


How can u prepare mix design for concrete?

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what is correct temperature for pouring concrete?

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concrete coverings outside steel

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design data for small rc square water tanks

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what are the compressive strength requirements(in 7 days & 28 days) of cement sand mix used for plastering purpose (Cement:sand-1:6)? Kindly give the IS Code reference also.

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how to find the quantity of materials required for constructing a wall of length 10*5*.2m?

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Why we use sin wave only in ac not use any other form of wave?

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how many bricks in 1 one cubic meter?

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how can we calculate costing of a project per sqft/sqm

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What is the meaning of unit weight of cement?

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what are the different types of sizes of bricks?

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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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