Explain Trouble Shooting , handiling isses with different
level of priorties

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Explain Trouble Shooting , handiling isses with different level of priorties..

Answer / siraj

its a service level agreement between the client and the
company where we decide the priority of issues in support
high priority, low priority and medium priority and we have
a time period for each priority depending upon the issues
and whe have to solve the issue with in that time period.

Pls corrrect me if iam wrong..


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Explain Trouble Shooting , handiling isses with different level of priorties..

Answer / gun

Hi Siraj,

u have explained about SLA. handling issues with different
levels, like hight priority how many days, low priority how
many days, medium prioriy how many days have to close

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Explain Trouble Shooting , handiling isses with different level of priorties..

Answer / noor.idea

trouble shooting: resolving the issues.
level of priorties: it is all about SLA.

so, that means resolving the issues, according to the SLA.

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