Hi all Could u please tell me the answers for following

Why we need IDocs...?
What is the purpose of IDocs...?

Thanks in Advance,

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Answer / kumar

Hi to all,
I appreciate all the answer which is given above,
But I would like to add some very important concept of
IDOC : Intermediate Document
Purpose : It will send the record from one sap system to
another sap system and aweless It will fetch the data from
remote SAP R/3 to current SAP R/3 system.
Sending of record or data from one SAP R/3 to another is
is also possible by RFC but fetching of data from remote
R/3 is not possible, so only in that case IDOC'S Comes
under existence.
It is a collection of segments (child segments and master
It is a 16 digit no. which is generated automatically after
It is one of the technique for transferring and receiving
It is a collection of 3 things data records, control
records and status record.

IDOC can be created by existing segment or userdefine
segment. Creating logical system, creating model view and
creating partner profile are some of the steps which are
used in creating outbond and inbond processes.
status record - 50,53,62,64 gives success status
56 gives wrong status
TCODE : SLDB,WE20,BD64,WE30, WE80,WE81 are some of tcode
which are used in IDOC generation.

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Answer / vishal balapure

IDoc's are ment for transfering data from one SAP/Non SAP
system to SAP/Non SAP System. IDoc stands for Intermidate
Documents. Eg. Receiving orders from Vendor and passing
them the invoice can be done using IDoc.

Even using web services we can send or recived data to and
from SAP using IDoc.

Hope i answered your question, if you need more info do let
me know.

Vishal Balapure

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Answer / malli.gontla

Idocs stands for Intermediate document.Idocs contains
data,which transfering data from sap to sap or sap to no sap.

Idocs contains data which is in unknown format(encrypted
format). Idocs are created in Outbound process. and these
can process at inbound.These are used for safe and secure
purpose. Idocs contains 3records,control record,data record
and status record.

Refer Aravind Nagpal book, Edi, Ale and Idoc. It is good
book for Ale-Idocs.

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Answer / buddula15

IDoc are data containers used to distribute data between
two different systems.

Suppose you have create master data in one system, the same
data i need to distribute (transfer) into another system
which is separate. Then we will go for IDOc.


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