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SAP Labs Interview Questions
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what is T.Code to write ABAP program?

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what is the Tcode BD87?

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What is the Procedure for BDC?

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What are Transient and Volatile Modifiers?

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what is the basic means of SAP/SAP-SD

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What is SQL server agent?

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give examples of pool,cluster tables

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what exactly happens when we execute "Class.forname("Driver class name");"?Explain indetail

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What is Extractor?

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What is the difference between User Exits and BADI?

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What is loosely coupled?

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In Function module SAP provieds Two Standard Exception, give name of that two exceptions.

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What is the diffrence between RFC & normal Function module?

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I have student marks in a student table. I need second highest mark .Then what will the query for this?

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what the SUBSTR(SQUARE ANS ALWAYS WORK HARD,14,6) will return ?

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SAP Labs Interview Questions

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