What are the interaction with abaper in project especially
for screens, conditions and cutover plan?

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Where can we see existing Validations and Substituitions ?

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Explain the Electronic Bank Reconciliation procedures in detail.

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What is the significance of GL Master data? What is the purpose of Mentioning the Field Status group in it?

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what is drilldown reports? tell me about characteristics & key figures.

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What is a depericiation Key?

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day limit means? lgs

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what are kinds of projects?

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Please provide me with configuration documents of USER EXIT' Thanks Naresh

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How many special periods r there,How 2 use them. Give examples of each.

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what is reconciliation account can you directly enter document in that a/c?

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If the Interviewr asks tell me about ypur projects then how should i give the answer

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What data is required for automatic a/c determination ?

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