What are the interaction with abaper in project especially
for screens, conditions and cutover plan?

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where did we mention PAN no in vendor master record?

4 Answers  

hiiii Can any one help me? I have doubt in parked document. What is the main purpose of parked document & in which situations in will come?

3 Answers  

How many Business Processes are in sap at time of implementation

2 Answers   Enteg Technologies,

Q.While executing APP run how many co.code can we run maximum at a time? and also how many payment methods can we use at a time?

3 Answers   IBM,

explain manual depreciation..? how do you do that...?

1 Answers   HP,

vendor a/c group ,and customers a/c groups,client level or company code level

4 Answers  

Hi How can we delete a general, document, business area, company code & etc.,? Thank you

1 Answers  

What is Document Split & how it is useful to us ?

6 Answers   Wipro,

Bank Master Key is created at client level or Company code level? Illustrate with examples & your prior project experience

6 Answers   Wipro,

how we integrate with fi-sd and fi-mm and what are the steps required and where you integrate them

2 Answers   TCS,

Out of the following masters select the ones which can be blocked for Transactions in FI? a. Bank Master b. Cost Center c. GL Account d. Ship to party ? customer e. Activity Type

1 Answers  

what r the problems faced during realtime support project if fico? how to solve it?

0 Answers   IBM, TCS,