Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / jaleel

if we sleep below the tree,it will release itself the cobon
di oxide ,if we tends to observe this gas it will
defenately creat a infection on our mind infact it may
create us to decrease our memory power constently, if we
make our further happeps in the same habit of sleeping
below the tree.....so please dont do it further, if you are
adicted by that

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / rajendran.m

The tree relesed carbon di oxide.

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / divyaprabha

we all know,trees emit co2 during night time.humanbeing can
only inhale o2.if we sleep below the tree during night,we
can inhale co2.it will affects our health & create heart

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / rajesh shah

At night tree inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide, as
human being do. Since carbon dioxide in denser than oxygen
and hence heiver than oxygen, it will settle down at ground
level. Person sleeping under tree will inhale excess of
carbondioxide and will have scarcity of oxygen in his body
and becomes lathargy, unconciousness and even heart attack.
After a certain limit of carbondioxide person may also die.

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / gaurav naik

ha ha ha ha
what funny anwer's
Cant stop myself laughfing


Ha ha

Actually its true to some what extent but this anwers are
to be given in sharukh's new tv Show "kya aap panchvi pass
se tez hai"

In a electrical way

If we sleep under tree at night since tree top may be high
in the air so it can attarct lightning stroke as tree will
provide it a shortest path to ground and if u are under
that tree you can imagine what will happen.
Hey but dont worry guys take this precautions only in rainy
or cloudy days,otherwise sleep bindaas under tree at night
leaving aside your worries about CO2 and oxygen theory.

Also make sure ther's no crow sleeping on tree else it will
create anathor hazard,i guess you understand what i want to

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / vikash

because trees don't make there food in night so they take
oxygen at night and release carbon di oxide which is
dangerious for humen beings

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / denny hayberry

When we breath we give off carbon dioxide which the trees use to breath, when the trees breath they give off Oxygen which we breath, this is the reason why we should plant more trees when we cut one down. Nothing is going to happen at night while you sleep under a tree any more than it will during the day when you sit under one. People sit on blankets under trees all the time to have picnics.

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / b.muduli

Anser electrical type-

At lighting time more current passes through the tree to
ground.If u sleep under the tree, u must take hazadeous
shock.So u may die.

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / ashish kumar lal

All trees attract the lightning from the sky during the
rainy weather conditions...

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Why donot sleep below the tree for night time?..

Answer / engr ali


wrong answer by serail no 8(guarav naik)
a silly answer
b technical like professional engineers!
not like technicians
got the point!hopefully so.

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