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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use.

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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use...

Answer / dinesh lokhande

XLPE comes from the term cross linked polyethylene.
Crosslinked polyethlene, which results from a chemical
process of “cross-linking” of the molecular structure, has
eliminated defect of melting point 110ºC..

The features of cross-linked polyethylene
are as mentioned below in brief.
(1) High softening temperature and small heat distortion
(2) High mechanical strength under high temperature.
(3) Superior heat aging resistance.
(4) High resistance against stress cracking.
(5) Superior electrical characteristics.
(6) Light in weight.

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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use...

Answer / mitesh jadhav

Cross linked polyethylene insulated power cable (XLPE cable)
X - Cross
L - Linked
PE - Polyethylene

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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use...

Answer / erharisheee51

Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX or XLPE.
PEX- or XLPE- insulated cables have a rated maximum
conductor temperature of 90°C and an emergency rating up to


1.It is formed into tubing
2.predominantly in building services pipework systems,
hydronic radiant heating systems
3.Domestic water piping and insulation for high tension
(high voltage) electrical cables


Less materials cost
No fire risk during installation
No corrosion


Can't use adhesives for pipe insulation
Degradation from sunlight.
Fittings somewhat more expensive.
Possible health effects.

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what is the full form of XLPE adn there use...

Answer / asad ahmad

X mean L mean p mean E mean
XLPE full wording meaning
PVC meaning

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