what is custmer account group

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / kamlesh

Accoutn group is used in three areas,

first, through account group you can control the which are
the field in customer master is mandatory i.e. you can
switch off and on.

secondly, you can control the no. ranges of customer master.

thirdly, it is used in partner determination process.

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / sunil madhogarhia

Account Group controls :
1)Number range of the customers
2)Whether the numbering will be internal or externally
3)what field will be displayed in the customer master
record and which one will be

The configuration of account group is done in
IMG>FI>Account Receivables and Payables.

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / dinesh bisht

Customer master group is a controlling element for customer
master. It contols overall views for CM i.e. which data
should appear on not in CM. This is also used for level of

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / manish

Customer Account Grp. is the controlling element of the CMR.
It controls the following:
1) Number Ranges
2) Whether One time a/c
3) Field Selection
4) Text Determination Procedures
5) Partner Determination Procedures
6) O/p Detremination
7) Customer Pricing Procedure
8) Other options can be enabled such as the type of cust.
For Eg. Competitor or Sold to Party..etc..

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / guest

It is used to define account class in FI/GL, for example
intercompany customers and external customers belong to
different account group

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / subhakanta sahoo

A collection of properties of accounts which determine the
creation of master record.

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / chand

Customer account group is controlled basic data of
customer in order such as general data, company data and
sales and display besic setting of customer in order

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / ravikumar nagarajan

The First one and the last one is the exact answer for this.

A Collection of properties of accounts which determine the
creation of customer master record.

It is also used to define the account class of a particular
customer in FI/GL.

For Example:
Intercompany Customers, External Customers and One-time
Customers belong to different account groups which specify
the different partner fuctions of that customer.

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what is custmer account group..

Answer / manoj kumar guin

Customer account group plays an important role while
creating the customer master. It controls which fields are
apear in which way in the customer master.

There are 4 options in account group like supress,
required , optional,display.
Accordly the fields are behave while creating customer
For example :If cusomer phone number is mandatory
requirement then we make irt required in the account group,
so as a result when creating the cusomer master, without
entering this field the customer master can not be created.

Also account group shows us whether the customer is onetime
or regualar, intercompany, which kind of customer is

Also if a particular output determination is required that
can be configuered in account group.


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what is custmer account group..

Answer / bv subbaarao

customer account group is one of the important requist for
creating customer master and another one is partner
determinations .after determining pdp we can assign the pdp
to account groups .

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