How to set the Customer Specific Delivery Date in sales order.
Ex. If Customer requested that they required a delivery only on Friday.

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interviewer asked me that he have 1000 customers he given 2% discount to 100 he want that 100 customers total amount...? Is their any standard reports to find?

1 Answers   SAP Labs,

If i create a rush order for a customer but there is no stock for material available. What will be the result of it? How will no stock affect rush order?

2 Answers   TCS,

Hi Can any one forward me the SAP CRM interview questions and answers to my id at Thanks in advance chinna

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Hi every body, can any one tell this answer. in pricing , first 100 sales orders there is no discount, 101 to 200 sales orders 5% discount, 201 to 300 orders 10% discount. where we maintain this?

4 Answers   Sony,

what is the use of shipment cost info? and why we maintain shipment cost info in sales document(vov8)?

1 Answers   IBM,

what is purpose of maintain partner determination for sales document header and sales document item

1 Answers   IBN,

What is condition update? Can you give condition update for product, which is already given condition update?

2 Answers  

Does delivery documents have any pricing procedure or condition types attached to it?

4 Answers   Keane India Ltd,

Can One Sales office be assigned to multiple sales areas.If yes how.If not why.Thanks

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for example we will take hindustan unilever is the implementation project.what is the business process of the hindustan unilever ltd and what are the settings will be done in enterprise structure and how many sales areas,distribution channels,divisions are created and please tell me what is the business process u have done in sap sd implementation project what are steps of business process you are fallowing. experts please give me answers.this problem i will face two are three times in interview please give answers urgently.thanks for u r respond.

1 Answers   HP,

What is product hierchey and where you assign in material master?

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Hi guys. When ever i want to delete the assignment Plant to shipping point i am unable to do that. System shows me "shipping point 0001 is still assigned to a picking location. How can i rectify this problem. Pls tell me. Thanks

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