What is technically difference between in Table creation in table creation maintenance not allowed ,maintenance allowed with restriction, maintenance allowed ?

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What is the use of start-of-selection.,if not use in report what will happen,?

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how to write code alv with interactive?when i clicked 1field i will generated next-level report,is it possible in alv?

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what do u mean by assistance class ?(definition)

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what the tcode to check the consistency of work flow for ALE /EDI in a inbound error processing?

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what are the main technical differences between oracle and sap? it would be more helpful to me if get this answer...

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what is a workflow?

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what data types allows length specification ?

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I a custom table some one has edited and deleted something, So how we should maintain the log for changed and edited datas

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where u can u set the pages in script (don't say first page, remaining pages i want)?

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how do put the data in the application server in BDC

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For what purpose Chain Endchain statement is used?

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15) What is a Normal,Constant and Variable Window?

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