can anyone do BDC or BAPI for F-02 and F-04 transactions.If it LSMW also.Kindly let me know.

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How do you send the output of a script as an email attachment

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what is the difference b/w driver program & print program?

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How to split one Invoice into Multiple ( Step by Step)?

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Suppose, we are creating one table. at that time we are mention table space and size category. Generally size category is from 0 to 6 is available. suppose if we are declare size category as 0(zero). For 0 (zero) the size of rows is from 0(zero) to 19000. I have 25000 records to insert into table. but table size is declared as 0(zero). i.e 19000 records. what about remaining 6000 records. shall i insert in to table or not? if insert how can i do? if not insert what can i do? Please answer me? i faced this one in TCS interview.

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What is an ABAP data dictionary?

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Where u can use the Currency Field?

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What type of user exits have you written?

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what type of error exactly you will be seeing in the log file while using call transaction mode ā€˜Eā€™

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What is meant by enhancements?

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How to compare the two tables between the two systems? what is the process if anyone tell me please give me the answer?

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what are the components of bdc?

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