What is physical inventory management?

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Hi Gurus, please tell why there is a need to assign SDF to our main pricing procuedure (where we maintain document pricing procedure as free)while doing returns? Because I have checked its item cateogary KLN and there its pricing its unchecked. So is there really a need to do so?

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What is condition supplement and why is it used?

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wt is the diff beetween business sale cycle nd customer sale cycle

4 Answers   Satyam,

3)What are the reports we can generate in ABAP??What are all the things we need to configure??

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what is the difference between centralized creditmanagement and decentralized credit management

5 Answers   IBM,

One customer is there, customer is purchasing from Company Code A and this company is having Company Code B also ,this customer is purchasing from Company Code A and he also wants to purchase from Company Code B ,so do you need to create a new customer ?

1 Answers   NTT Data,

does anyone know what as a sd consultant we have to perform while closing of the month,,.i mean book the costs and accurals,.i dont have any knowledge about this.

1 Answers   IBM,

In real-time when we start system in first what screen we get and tell me process how to logon sap screen? I faced this question in IBM?

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what do you mean by reverse pricing

1 Answers   Yash Technologies,

why you maintain two company codes ?

1 Answers   HP,

What is the difference between ERB and ERU account keys?

3 Answers   IBM,

How many user exists have you developed in your current project? Name at least 10 user exists you have developed and used in your current project?

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