Explain transaction code KO88 or CO88.

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What is MRP procedure

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• How are basic order dates determined?

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If the scenario is''Party is supplying some material we have to do the some processing operation on it, how it cab be handled in SAP"

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Explain what is PRT – how many types of PRT is used?

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What is the transaction code to run MRP for sales order?

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What is Phantom Assembly?

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Describe the process for creating and adding to material BOMs. Include release procedure/status, notifications, responsibilities, authorizations, involved systems, Engineering Change Management, and so on.

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I want to make a career in SAP-PP/QM from the existing manufacturing experence.

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what are Standard keys

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Explain the process of Material costing.

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What are the types of MIC?

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What is trigger Point. What are the setting required to trigger one action?

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