Explain transaction code KO88 or CO88.

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One work center can assign 2 cost center and one cost can assign to different work center.

1 Answers   IBM, Accenture,

Different types of Object Dependencies.

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How do you carry out Capacity leveling?

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What is Alternative BOM?

3 Answers  

What is the SPRO Path for requirement class and req. type?

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What is collective order. Pre requisite of the collective order?

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If u maintain sub-contacting where and how will be reflect

0 Answers   Cognizant,

What is MTO & MTS

1 Answers   IBM,

In the monthly lot size proc, how to generate lot at the end of Period?

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Do you have any idea about Capacity Planning?

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Product Costing Run is over. Now If I add one more rawmaterial for that material also it has to included & run the cost. But it is not happening?

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What is MRP Area or How can I excluede one storage location stock from MRP?

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