Why and how you calculate WIP?

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What is Routing & rerouting

2 Answers   Cognizant,

what is std info set? where it is used?

0 Answers  

what is the diff. between NETCH,NETPL AND NEUPL

5 Answers  

Do you need a complete history of your BOM changes? For what reasons (documentation, different technical states in operational areas, other)? For what types of BOMs? From what point in time (initial released status, other)?

2 Answers  

In implementation stage tell some standard scenario before AS-Is & TO-BE

0 Answers  

What is gap

1 Answers   IBM, Wave 9,

what is baseline configuration

1 Answers   HP,

SPRO path for order, confirmation or requirement class.

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One component 2 times assign to bom

1 Answers   IBM,

Explain DMR.

0 Answers  

What is the standard info set?

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what is varient BOM?

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