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Godrej Interview Questions
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The three boxes 1,2,3 has values resp. AB,BC,AC Get 2A(B+C) +AC-2C(A-B)in Box 1 using only addition in 3 steps.

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Box 1 cotain odd value X or Y the box 2 =X i.e 7 or 12 box 3= Y has value 19 if X is 7 or 31 if x is 12 get even value X or Y . Use any operator, steps allowed are 3.


Three boxes 1,2,3 contain values 3,17,34. Get 40 in box 1 in 3 steps.

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Is there any sign of larvae or mature insects with the naked eyes?



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Two trains at speed 60 km/hr comes in the opposite direction. At a particular time the distance between the two trains is 18km. A shuttle flies between the trains at the speed of 80 km/hr. At the time the two trains crashes what is the distance traveled by shuttle?

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placement paper

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What are the types of receipts?

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wnet use DAO design in u r project?

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5. What is cost of goods sold?

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i want the question paer of godrej boyance company in chennai who are onducting technical test for mechanical engg graduates


what is the ejection system in mould making?

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What is the difference between Advance Tax and TDS?

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What is the difference between TDS and TCS?

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how to calculate the OEE for a equipment?

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